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Solar panel installation system (also known as solar module rack) is used to fix solar panels on the roof, building facade or ground surface. These installation systems are usually capable of retrofitting solar panels on roofs or building structures. The unique design structure of the solar panel support frame makes the module adjustable according to different regions, so as to make full use of the local solar energy resources and achieve the maximum power generation efficiency of the solar module. At the same time, the connection mode, material selection and support load stress analysis of photovoltaic module are analyzed and practiced in detail, so that it has good seismic, wind resistance, snow pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and other physical properties, so that photovoltaic modules can be used in more extensive areas. So this is basic concept and definition about solar panel wall mounting brackets. For deep and profound cognition about solar panel mounting bracket products, let me as insider take you have a trip for it.

Wide uses of solar power brackets

Nowadays, solar powered support is becoming an independent small industry. More and more enterprises produce solar powered support, which makes the bracket independent from the division of labor in the solar power bracket industry. 

The support of solar water heater is an important component of solar water heater, which plays an important role in the promotion of solar water heater. In the process of popularization of solar water heater, solar bracket plays an important role and becomes one of the important parameters for people to buy solar water heater. The support design of domestic solar water heater should be reasonable, and it should have enough strength and stiffness to ensure that it has enough bearing capacity. In some areas where the daily wind is strong, especially in coastal areas, we should pay attention to whether the product has wind resistance in the design. Generally good quality solar water heater, its bracket is aluminum alloy bracket, thick and firm.

Solar panel support frame is a special support designed for placing, installing and fixing the solar panel in the solar photovoltaic power generation system. General material has aluminum alloy, stainless steel. Photovoltaic support products are divided into floor type, roof type, wall type, portable and so on. Large scale solar power generation enterprises generally use galvanized metal materials. One is low cost, the other is large load, and has a rotating device, can adjust its angle with the rotation of the sun, high utilization rate of light energy. So types of solar panel mounting structure are also important links to know below,

Types of solar panel support frames

There are four basic types of installation structures: roof / floor, side of pole, top of pole and tracking frame mounts, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, roof mounted structures usually keep the lead distance between the solar array and the battery pack or grid connected inverter to a minimum, which is good. But they may also need to penetrate the roof in multiple locations and require an expensive ground fault protection device to meet the requirements from Relevant departments.

1.Ground Mounts

The common large-scale ground photovoltaic system generally adopts the form of concrete strip (block) foundation, and the specific classification is as follows

  1. •Pole mounting supports driven directly into the ground or embedded in concrete.

•Foundation installation support, such as concrete slabs or pouring footings.

•Ballasted footing supports, such as concrete or steel foundations, use weight to hold the solar module system in place without ground penetration. Meanwhile, this type of installation system is ideal for sites where excavation is not possible, such as covered landfills, and simplifies decommissioning or relocation of solar module systems.

Ground mounts type with many advantages below,

•Rapid installation and construction progress of large ground photovoltaic system power station,

•The flexible and changeable adjustment forms can meet the complex and changeable requirements of the construction site,

•Simplify the number of accessories to facilitate the identification and installation of on-site workers.

2.Top-Of-Pole Mounts

In order to meet the installation requirements of large size battery modules, and can be used in areas with high wind speed, a ground strengthening structure is designed. The support system can adjust the horizontal angle according to the needs. When installing the system, there is no need to carry out field welding. According to the assembly drawings provided by us, the bolts can be completely installed by placing them in the corresponding bolt holes. Main features: module area 12.8 square meters; completely maintenance free; high reliability, long service life; power up to 1.6 kW; no need to move, the system is fixed; can resist wind force ≥ 200 km / h; the price is very reasonable.

3.Roof Mounting

According to the different slope roof substructure, we will provide you with unique accessories specially developed for slope roof photovoltaic system to meet your requirements. Features of PV system support on sloping roof:

•It is suitable for tile roof with different thickness, adjustable height and flexible accessories to meet customer application,

•The connection plate and other accessories have multiple openings, which are flexible and effective in adjusting the support position,

•Do not damage the roof water system.