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The types and functions of the components of the solar panel bracket

1. Bracket

    A system for supporting solar panel bracket modules. Columns, supports, beams, shafts, guide rails and accessories made of metal materials may be equipped with transmission and control components for the track of the sun.

  Also, for solar panel bracket stents. There are many different requirements. Do not disassemble or install solar panel bracket, solar pipelines and water heaters. It should be installed by the technicians of the relevant solar energy company to ensure safety, because the water contains a large amount of impurities adhering to the surface of the battery pack. 

2. Fixed bracket

    Bracket with non-adjustable inclination and azimuth.

3. Single axis bracket

     The support of the sun rotating around an axis.

4. Biaxial bracket

     The support of the sun that rotates around two axes.

5. Column

    Connected to the foundation to support beams, shafts and guide rails.

6. Support

    Used to strengthen the stability of columns, beams and rails.

7, beam

    The component used to support the rail.

8. Axis

   The part used to support the rail and adjust the angle of the rail (applicable to the bracket).

9. Guide rail

   Components used to support solar panel power generation components.

10. Connecting rod

   Used for mechanical transmission parts between bracket and bracket and bracket and power system (for bracket).

11. Accessories

   Refers to the parts used for the connection between the straight sections and between the straight sections and the bends to form the necessary connection and fixation of the continuity support system or to supplement the functions of the straight sections and the bends. It is divided into straight connecting plate, hinge connecting plate, turning connecting plate, variable angle connecting plate, partition wall, pressure plate, and fastener.

  The solar panel itself is often installed to adjust the angle. The use of installation, and the plastic performance causes the structure to redistribute the internal force, so that the stress in the original stress concentration part of the structure or component tends to be uniform, and the overall bearing capacity of the structure. The toughness can make the structure absorb more energy when it is destroyed under the action of external impact load, especially in the desert power station and rooftop power station with high wind, the wind vibration effect is obvious. The toughness of steel can effectively reduce the degree of danger, so that people can find and take remedial measures in time. The plasticity can also adjust the plasticity of the local peak stress, which can make the structure produce larger deformation before failure. Fatigue resistance can also make the structure have With strong resistance to alternating and repeated wind loads, the application advantages of solar support systems in solar panel support are far more than simple production and installation.